IMPULSE “Identity Management in PUbLic Services” aims to transform the mainstream discourse on digital identity by drawing up a user-centric multi-stage method of multidisciplinary evaluation of eID management that combines the bottom-up approach of co-creation with the need for a universal vision of digital identity ethics in providing public services.


  • What is the technology behind the identity verification of EU citizens in the online processes of public services?
    EU citizens only need to take a selfie and capture an image of their government-issued identification (identity card, passport, driver’s license, etc.) to verify their identities online and access public services. If the system finds a match between the selfie and the person on the identity document, the user is verified and can access the service. Pretty simple, huh? But what is behind all this process? If you are wondering about the technology behind it, read on.
  • What does the standardisation landscape for identity management in public services looks like?
    The consideration of relevant existing standards for the development of the projects’ solutions and the transfer of the projects’ results into standardisation by contributing to ongoing standardisation activities or by developing new standards offers a big opportunity for R&I projects such as IMPULSE. This post informs about the analysed standardisation landscape.
  • Face-to-face meeting in Vigo
    On 15-16 March 2022, the IMPULSE consortium met in Vigo for the first time.