WP2 “Co-creative design and piloting”

D2.1 Stakeholder analysis and evaluation criteria (PDF)

D2.2 IMPULSE requirements specification – v1 (PDF)

D2.3 IMPULSE requirements specification – v2 (PDF)

D2.4 IMPULSE requirements specification – v3 (PDF)

D2.5 IMPULSE piloting roadmap – v1 (PDF)

D2.6 IMPULSE piloting roadmap – v2 (PDF)

D2.7 IMPULSE architecture specification – v1 (PDF)

D2.8 IMPULSE architecture specification – v2 (PDF)

D2.9 Implementation of basic system – v1 (PDF)

D2.10 Implementation of basic system – v2 (PDF)

D2.11 IMPULSE pilot assessment – v1 (PDF)

D2.12 IMPULSE pilot assessment – v2 (PDF)

D2.13 Blueprints for enhanced public governance and public engagement (PDF)

WP3 “Multidisciplinary analysis of standards, legal and ethical implications”

D3.1 EU relevant legal framework (PDF)

D3.2 Ethical and legal dictionary (PDF)

D3.3 IMPULSE method for ethical and legal assessment (PDF)

D3.4 Standards and related impacts and implications (PDF)

D3.7 Recommendations on standards, ethical, legal and privacy issues (PDF)

WP4 “Socio-economic/political impact analysis”

D4.1 Report on social perception and recommendations – v1 (PDF)

D4.2 Report on social perception and recommendations – v2 (PDF)

D4.3 Economic benefits of the IMPULSE approach – v1 (PDF)

D4.4 Economic benefits of the IMPULSE approach – v2 (PDF)

D4.6 Case study-based SWOT analysis of business models options (PDF)

WP5 “Technology research, evaluation and integration”

D5.3 IMPULSE wallet – v1 (PDF)

D5.4 IMPULSE wallet – v2 (PDF)

WP6 “Roadmapping for adoption, escalation and sustainability”

D6.1 Community building around DIHs (PDF)

D6.2 Background assessment and recommendation report (PDF)

D6.3 Roadmaps for further development and deployment of the IMPULSE solution (PDF)

D6.4 Analytical report (PDF)

WP7 “Innovation and exploitation management, dissemination and communication”

D7.4 Website (PDF)

D7.8 Dissemination plan and report – v1 (PDF)

D7.11 Community management, briefings and demonstrations for end users, DIHs and stakeholders (PDF)

D7.12 Community management and stakeholders’ engagement – v2 (PDF)

D7.15 Overview of conducted standardisation activities (PDF)