Free online workshop organised by the ETAPAS project

Workshop "Disruptive technologies in the public sector: how to manage ethical risks and social impacts?

IMPULSE participates in the workshop “Disruptive Technologies in the Public Sector: How to Manage Ethical Risks and Social Impacts?”, which brings together renowned experts and other EU projects on the use of disruptive technologies in public administration. Join us next 30 of April 2021.

The workshop

The workshop “Disruptive Technologies in the Public Sector: How to Manage Ethical Risks and Social Impacts?” will provide a space for European policymakers, researchers and practitioners from ETAPAS and other European projects and related initiatives to share know-how and stimulate discussion on the challenges, opportunities and pitfalls of implementing disruptive technologies responsibly in the public sector, learning from the experiences of other similar initiatives and networking. As such, this event is relevant to public administrations (national and local) as well as policymakers and researchers, grappling with the challenges of implementing disruptive technologies in an ethical and socially responsible manner, particularly in the context of the public services.

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About the ETAPAS project

The ETAPAS project (“Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services”) brings together Public Administrations, Digital Innovation Hubs, IT SMEs, Universities and Research Organisations as well as Industrial Players, with the aim of introducing a practical framework to measure and mitigate the ethical, societal and legal risks of the application of Disruptive Technologies in public sector organisations. The framework will be supported by a prototypical software platform and tested on four use cases focussing on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Robotics.

The ETAPAS consortium is led by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and made of 14 partners from 8 different countries with multidisciplinary background and strong expertise in the areas addressed within the project.

Visit ETAPAS website, Twitter (@ETAPAS_project) and LinkedIn (ETAPAS project)