The Ertzaintza, as a police force of the Basque Country, seeks a faster, simpler and more effective management with the citizens to provide a quality and agile service.

by Iñaki Gangoiti Torrontegui – Ertzaintza

The Ertzaintza, with its objective of continuous improvement and relying on the IMPULSE project, seeks technologies that facilitate the interaction of citizens with the Euskadi police, facilitating and pursuing a more friendly and effective attention.


With the launch by the European Union of the H2020 Programme for the protection of the freedom and security of citizens, the Ertzaintza begins to take part in innovative projects that provide “added value of return”, and that, therefore, are useful and efficient for its work with citizens, also seeking respect for fundamental rights.

Security without ethical foundations and without respect for the rights of people not only deteriorates the coexistence of society, but also means a loss of trust in the institutions that must ensure their freedom and security.


Based on the projects developed, we begin the evolution towards more intuitive and user-friendly IT tools, which simplify and facilitate the interaction of citizens with the Ertzaintza, as well as the traceability and monitoring of what has happened that obliges or requires our action.


We test pilot terminals so that Ertzaintza police officer and patrols can interact with citizens (complaints or other procedures), trying to avoid or minimise the obligation to pass through a police facilities to legally formalise the document.

Current situation in Ertzaintza

From our standpoint, the IMPULSE project aims to see the possibilities of simplifying the formal and documentary interaction of citizens with the Ertzaintza.

Tests are being carried out to see the reliability of the system, stability and security of the information that its commissioning requires.

It should be borne in mind that biometric data that enjoy special protection are collected.

Ertzaintza case study

It is being analysed whether, with the information that is collected with the IMPULSE app, a person is fully identified and what procedures could be carried out with the Euskadi police.

There are certain procedures and certain types of crimes that will not be able to avoid the mandatory visit to the police facilities. Consequently, we are trying to identify in which situations the IMPULSE eID may facilitate the management in a more agile and efficient manner.

One of the most important issues in this case study is the registration, custody and security of the biometric and personal data that is required, as well as its fit into the current legislation on data protection. As it is said at the beginning of this blog, scrupulous respect for fundamental rights is a requirement and a demand if we want to be a police force close to the citizenry, respected, valued and guarantor of freedoms and rights in an area of freedom, security and justice. This is the reason why the users’ data sovereignty is paramount in IMPULSE.

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