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CyberEthics Lab SRLS (CEL) is an Italian SME that offers consultancy on technological regulation, ethics-by-design, and social acceptance issues to public and private actors alike in security, energy, and health sectors. Thanks to the vast experience of its multidisciplinary staff, many of whom teach in Italian universities, CEL assists clients throughout the entire development process in avoiding, mitigating, and managing privacy and security risks and in increasing the rate of adoption of their products or services thanks to an evolved understanding of societal contexts.

Expertise and experience

Through its proprietary methodology for ethical, political, and legal assessment, CEL has issued recommendations for making technologies compliant with ethical principles and existing legal frameworks in several R&D projects already. These projects have benefitted from CEL’s holistic vision of innovation, steeped in the pursuit for efficiency, improved scientific knowledge, and deep respect for human beings and social acceptance of technologies.


In the IMPULSE project, CEL’s role consists in providing ethical and legal support to the entire consortium. CEL will publish a project-specific ethics protocol, which in essence contains appropriate guidelines for the research process; a legal framework and dictionary with references to all relevant EU directives and regulations; and a method for ethical and legal assessment that will lead to recommendations for decision makers on privacy, ethical, and legal issues in the eID field.

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