Sofia Tech Park


About us

The main goas of Sofia Tech Park (STP) is to support the development of the research, innovation and technology capacity of Bulgaria. STP supports the development of the innovation environment, to implement educational programs, while providing support services for the commercialisation of new technologies, products and services.

The park consists of several separate units, which are interconnected by synergy:

  • The incubator is a place to support start-ups, to develop innovative goods and services.
  • The laboratory complex consists of 11 high-tech laboratories, created with the support of leading experts from the main academic institutions in Sofia and Bulgaria. The laboratories within the complex carry out independent and joint research activities and can offer the opportunity to develop projects of private companies.
  • The Innovation Forum is a multifunctional venue for events, conferences, seminars and other events aimed at enhancing dialogue between the scientific and business communities.

Expertise and experience

Mihail Iliev has expertise and experience in business development and project management.

Experience in organising and coordinating the activities for over 10 projects with European and national funding, incl. Horizon 2020. Project manager of over 10 EU financed projects, including successfully completed project for the establishment of the first science and technology park in Bulgaria and the establishment of the European high-performance computer part of EuroHPC network.

Currently leading the project management team in Sofia Tech Park JSC and mainly responsible for the task of organising the overall activities under the EU financed project for development of the science and technology park in Bulgaria and other projects related to the development of the park and the laboratory complex in it.

Expectations from / Contributions to IMPULSE

Contribution regarding the implementation of activities, related to the project, such as:

  • Sharing knowledge and contacts for implementation of activities, including providing support (contacts) regarding the blockchain and cybersecurity technologies;
  • Support of organisation of events
  • Disseminating results of the project activities to the Bulgarian eco-system and society.

The implementation of the project and the participation of STP could help the park and the DIH to establish fruitful partnerships for implementation of joint projects and activities in the future.

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