About us

Gijón City Council (GIJON) is a government organisation dedicated to provide quality public service to citizens. In particular, the Communication and New Projects Service focuses on the way in which the City Council communicates with citizens through technology, mainly. In other words, the primary objective is to create, maintain and improve the communication channels between citizens and the city government itself, so that there is a fluid, transparent and productive relationship.

Expertise and experience

The Communication and New Projects Service has extensive experience in different communication and service channels with citizens, such as the Citizen Card itself (a service that has been available to citizens for 20 years), ATMs for citizen attention and management, or, more recently, a more modern, accessible and clear website and mobile application.


Gijón City Council participates in the IMPULSE project thanks to the expertise and experience with the Gijón Citizen Card. Its reference area is the city of Gijón (in the north of Spain) and it is responsibility of the Gijón City Council. The aim of the service is that there is one card to all municipal services related to identification and payment. Currently this service has 340,000 users, encompassing 20 different services, with an average of 32,000 uses per day and one million per month.

Our role in IMPULSE is to learn more about citizens can benefit from a more secure environment using new systems of identification and storage information. It will also allow developing new services that nowadays require the citizen’s presence. There will be more efficient management by the administration, and thus, more resources available. It will guarantee that non-holders will not be able to take advantage of special fees. And in general, it will provide privileged access to the project results and studied technologies, towards adopting them for their own benefit and their local citizens and stakeholders on public services.

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