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Gradiant is a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) focused on connectivity, intelligence and security technologies. It is an innovation provider, with over 10 years of experience on technology incubation with more than 100 engineers and a footprint in 30 countries and over 370 customers.

In the last 2 years, Gradiant has quintupled the license agreements of its innovation projects, which already reach 150 licenses in 18 countries. Some recent public international references include Telefónica, Vodafone, Samsung, PSA Peugeot Citroën, NATO, Indra, Everis, Babcock International and Boeing.

Gradiant is backed by a board that includes representatives of the Galician universities (Vigo, Santiago and A Coruña) and companies from the telecommunications industry: Abanca, Altia, Arteixo Telecom, Egatel, Indra, Plexus, R, Telefónica, Televés; and INEO business association, which represents most of ICT Galician companies. Gradiant track record in EU projects includes participation in 27 FP7 and H2020 projects, 4 of them as Project Coordinator.

Expertise and experience

In the last years, Gradiant has conducted several projects using distributed ledger and blockchain, as well as in the consulting and training services provided to both public and private sector. Gradiant has a strong expertise in the deployment of permissionless and permissioned blockchain networks, and in the development of distributed applications and smart contracts. Furthermore, Gradiant is a contributor in 2 working groups of the identity commission of Alastria ID; Identity model architecture definition and legal (PIA). Additionally, Gradiant has expertise and experience in the design and development of production-ready AI-based solutions for document validation and biometrics in real-world scenarios.


Gradiant’s main role is as Project Coordinator. Furthermore, Gradiant technical contributions focus on evolving the existing blockchain-based identity management solutions to be integrated into the public sector. In this regard, Gradiant will be in charge of the development of the IMPULSE identity wallet and contributing to the implementation of Smart Contracts that will support the Blockchain-based Identity Management System. In addition, Gradiant will support the development of anti-spoofing techniques for the analysis of biometric features in the validation tools. Gradiant is also in charge of the development and deployment of the IMPULSE Platform, which will be deployed in the pilot sites.

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