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The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) analyses the origins and impacts of innovations. We research the short- and long-term developments of innovation processes and the impacts of new technologies and services on society. On this basis, we are able to provide our clients from industry, politics and science with recommendations for action and perspectives for key decisions. Our expertise is founded on our scientific competence as well as an interdisciplinary and systemic research approach.

Expertise and experience

Our expertise in the area of innovation research is based on the synergy of the technical, economic and social science knowledge of our staff members. In our work we apply not only a broad spectrum of advanced scientific theories, models, methods and social-science measurement instruments, but continually develop them further, utilising the empirical findings from the research projects conducted. On behalf of our customers we investigate the scientific, economic, ecological, social, organisational, legal and political framework conditions for generating innovations and their implications. We use scientifically-based analysis, evaluation and forecasting methods.


In IMPULSE, Fraunhofer ISI is primarily responsible for the analysis of the socio-political and socio-economic effects and implications of the IMPULSE solution. To this end, we plan to conduct a mix of interview-, survey-, document- and literature-based research work, focusing on the various case studies where the IMPULSE solution is to be deployed. We also have further roles in the work packages related to standardisation, and to the orchestration and dissemination of the IMPULSE solution among the wider stakeholder communities of innovators, technologists and local authorities interested in digital solutions for local government across Europe.

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