About us

Unioncamere, the Italian Union of the Chambers of Commerce for Industry, Agriculture and Handicraft is a public body. It is the national association of the Italian Chambers of commerce system, which consists of 74 Chambers, 43 commodities exchanges, 23 laboratories, 69 arbitration chambers, 139 special agencies, 65 Euro info centres, 19 regional unions, 81 Italian chambers abroad and 38 bilateral chambers.

Unioncamere acts as a co-ordinating agent of the Italian Chamber system and as a link with the public administration, the political bodies of Italy and the international organisations. It represents and promotes the general interests of the Chambers of commerce and the other bodies of the chamber system; it fosters, provides and manages services and activities of interest to the Chambers of Commerce and to the economy sectors, either directly or through its own special companies, as well as by participating in bodies, including associations, agencies, consortia and companies.

Expertise and experience

Unioncamere deals with the following issues connected with digital services to businesses:

  • the Business Register Offices coordination.
  • agreements with other Public Administrations for data exchange for institutional and simplification purposes.
  • relations with the European Commission for the interconnection of the European business registers.
  • coordination of the “Digital Enterprise Points” created to support the digitalisation of companies and the dissemination of digital culture.


Unioncamere is committed to performing an active role in the pilot area, proving that the IMPULSE approach is adaptable to public services, as a compliant and user-friendly blockchain-based eID-solution which secures data according to GDPR and grants access to trust services according to eIDAS. Unioncamere takes part to the project together with Infocamere, being the official bodies managing the Italian Business Register, by carrying out the “Person of business” case study, designing it, developing the technical structure, providing access to the Italian Business Register for business attestation, making available the necessary tools and running the validation test. It will also participate in communication and dissemination of project results.