Javier Gutiérrez

Twinning with DIH-World

Earlier this month, as a representative of the IMPULSE project, Bertille Auvray from Pôle TES joined the Steering Committee of DIH-World.

Co-creating sustainable eID solutions

Implementing new electronic identity (eID) solutions for the public sector is a tough endeavour.  Public officers, technical teams, and researchers need to work together in order to solve several fundamental concerns of end users. Co-creation is a suitable approach to design solutions that respond better to those concerns, but it is far from being a “silver bullet”: There are further challenges that should be addressed to make a sustainable impact in the long term.

NEW! IMPULSE brochure and trifold available

A summary of our IMPULSE project highlighting the main aspects can be found in both our brochure and trifold, with screen/foldable versions.

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) schemes and the public sector

Electronic Identity (eID) solutions in the public sector have often suffered from low adoption, in turn retarding the development of e-government. An important question is whether SSI-style eID solutions can help to break this cycle.

IMPULSE’s Ethics Protocol

IMPULSE participates in the workshop “Disruptive Technologies in the Public Sector: How to Manage Ethical Risks and Social Impacts?”, which brings together renowned experts and other EU projects on the use of disruptive technologies in public administration. Join us next 30 of April 2021.